Arm64 AArch64 32-core 1.8 GHz ThunderX Motherboard

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ThunderX Gigabyte Cavium Motherboard Video Overview: 

Who is a typical buyer of this motherboard? 

Perfect for students or professionals to learn about multi-core programming with the AArch64 instruction set architecture in a familiar Linux environment.  Rich IO for networking professionals to develop switching/routing/load balancing applications.  This platform excels at multicore workloads that require lots of PCIe, networking and storage IO.  Supports DPDK.

Is this motherboard a good deal? 

This motherboard combines the power of 32-cores with unsurpassed networking connectivity and storage throughput in one SoC providing exceptional value.  Compare the 4x 10G on motherboard NIC to an Intel XL710 quad PCIe NIC (X710DA4FH/$406.99 on AMZN) or compare the on-board 40 GbE NIC to the XL710 40G PCIe NIC (XL710QDA1/$409.11 on AMZN). This motherboard includes all 5 NIC interfaces. 

This motherboard includes the following: 

  • 32-core 1.8 GHz ThunderX ARM64 CPU SoC
  • Eight total slots DDR4 memory upto 2133 MT/s, 256 max capacity
  • 2x 8 lane PCIe Gen3 slots
  • 4x USB ports (2x on rear panel, 2x on header)
  • RS-232 DB-9
  • AST 2400 BMC VGA connector and 1 GbE LAN connector
  • 4x SATA III ports (on Motherboard)
  • 1x 40GbE NIC (on Motherboard)
  • 4x 10GbE NIC (on Motherboard)
  • The following have been installed and tested with this model motherboard. 
    • RedHat 8.0 AArch64 Server
    • Ubuntu 16.04.4 or later AArch64 Server w/Ubuntu Desktop
    • Ubuntu 18.04.2 or later AArch64 Server w/Ubuntu Desktop
    • Ubuntu 19.04 or later AArch64 Server w/Ubuntu Desktop
    • Centos 7 AArch64 Server (Cavium version only. 4.14 Kernel.)
    • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed AArch64
    • Fedora 30 AArch64 Server Kernel 5.0
  • SFP+ and QFSP+ modules not included.